New Chain Requests

The following requirements are needed for Across to consider adding support for a new chain. Across intends to support as many chains as possible to provide the best bridging, LP and relaying experience for users. However, each new chain requires significant investment, and these requirements are set to ensure that the benefit to Across Users, LPs and Relayers outweigh the development, security and operational costs of adding a new chain.

These requirements are subject to change as the EVM and Layer 2 ecosystem evolves. Meeting these requirements is the first step in evaluation and does not guarantee support.

Hard Requirements

The below are non-negotiable and are a pre-requisite to any consideration.

  • EVM chain with a canonical token and message bridge to mainnet

  • ≥ 2 independent RPC node providers that can reliably support ~150M RPC requests per month from Across, with preference for at least one Tier 1 provider of Infura, Alchemy, Quicknode

  • Dedicated support channel containing technical members of the new chain with priority support commitment to advise on contract development and debug data quality and/or disagreements between RPC providers

Additional Considerations

  • Running a relayer to and from new chain

  • Proven market opportunity, based on active users, existing bridging volume, partnership value, key market expansion and other factors

  • Token grant for Across DAO that it will distribute to users for each transfer on Across to new chain (either chain governance token, or protocol token) to attract and incentivize users

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