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There are two ways you can earn ACX rewards:

The Across Referral Program rewards those who spread the word about Across Protocol with their custom referral link. When a user bridges using someone else's (or their own) Across referral link, the referrer and referee earn ACX rewards. Referrers have the opportunity to level up their tiers; the more people they refer and volume they accumulate, the higher the tier and greater the rewards.
Learn how to use the Across Referral Program here.
Reward locking is an enhanced version of traditional liquidity mining that discourages farm-and-dump activity while rewarding committed contributors to the protocol. Liquidity providers (LPs) have an individualized rate at which they earn rewards that reflect their loyalty. The idea is very simple: the longer an LP keeps accumulated rewards unclaimed, the faster the LP earns additional rewards. The reward locking program effectively acts as an incentive program for liquidity providers to LP with Across.
Learn how to use the Across Reward Locking Program here.

Rewards Dashboard

The Rewards dashboard shows you the ACX you've accumulated across both programs, along with specific summary information for each program.