Composable Bridging

Use Across to bridge + execute a transaction

What is Composable Bridging:?

You can instruct Across to execute a transaction upon filling your deposit on the destination chain. This transaction would be executed atomically with the fill transaction.

NOTE: The transaction that gets executed on the destination chain must be non-reverting otherwise user deposits may risk getting locked.

How does it work?

When a relayer fills your deposit by calling fillRelay() on the destination SpokePool, if the deposit has a message attached, then the SpokePool will attempt to call handleAcrossMessage() on your recipient address and pass in the following params:


  • The deposit message is not empty

  • The recipient address is a contract on the destinationChainId that implements a public handleAcrossMessage(address,uint256,bool,address,bytes) function, and this function must be non-reverting

  • The additional gas cost to execute the above function is compensated for in the deposit's relayerFeePct

Detailed instructions

  • Construct your message

  • Use the Across API to get an estimate of the relayerFeePct you should set for your message and recipient combination

  • Call deposit() passing in your message

  • Once the relayer calls fillRelay() on the destination, your recipient's handleAcrossMessage will be executed

Example: Implementing a Bridge and Unwrap

  • Imagine that I want to bridge ETH from Ethereum to Optimism and receive ETH, not wrapped WETH on Optimism

  • I will deploy the following contract on Optimism which unwraps received WETH into ETH and sends to a designated owner EOA

contract MyUnwrapper {
    WETHInterface weth;
    addess payable owner;
    constructor() public {
        owner = msg.sender;
    function handleAcrossMessage(
        address tokenSent, 
        uint256 amount, 
        bool, // fillCompleted unused
        address, // relayer is unused 
        bytes memory // message is unused
    ) external { 
        require(tokenSent == address(weth), "received token not WETH");
        (bool sent, bytes memory data) ={value: amount}("");
        require(sent, "Failed to send Ether");
  • Call Across-API’s /suggested-fees endpoint with params ?token=0xWETH-on-ethereum-address&destinationChainId=10&amount= x&originChainId=1&recipient=MyUnwrapper.address&message=0x1234

  • Here we set message to something useless but not-zero so that the destination SpokePool ultimately calls handleAcrossMessage on MyUnwrapper

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