Token Overview

The Across Protocol token, $ACX, is an ERC-20 token that allows for decentralized ownership and control of the protocol. $ACX governs the decisions affecting the protocol's function as well as the decisions that manage the DAO’s treasury.

Governance token power was “turned on” at token launch (November 2022). The lifecycle of a proposal includes ideation, discussion, proposal, feedback, voting and execution. We use Forum and Snapshot as our governance platforms, along with oSnap, a tool for making on-chain transactions based on off-chain voting decisions. oSnap uses Snapshot and Safe to execute the outcomes of DAO governance votes in a decentralized manner that requires no intervention by privileged signers.

To learn more about how oSnap is used by Across Protocol, please refer to this article.

In addition to governance, $ACX also incentivizes liquidity providers and those participating in the Across Referral Link program.

You can see the token addresses here.

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