Initial Allocations

The Across Protocol token, $ACX, was launched in November 2022. This section outlines the allocations that were carried out at token launch.

115MM ACX for Airdrop

This includes:

  • Community, 20MM ACX

  • Early Bridge Users (Bridged before July 19th, 2022 at midnight UTC), 15MM ACX

  • Liquidity Providers (Provided liquidity before November 27nd, 2022 at midnight UTC), 70MM ACX

  • Bridge Traveler Program (Program ran from October 11th 2022 to November 8th, 2022), 10MM ACX

250MM ACX for Strategic Partnerships and Fund-Raise

$UMA token swap with Risk Labs, 150MM ACX

150MM $ACX swapped with the Risk Labs Treasury for 2MM $UMA. This achieves two goals:

Goal 1: Giving the Across community ownership and governance power in UMA, which is critical to the bridge's security.

Goal 2: Keep Risk Labs aligned with Across by being a token-holding entity.

Strategic fundraise, 100MM ACX

100MM ACX will be transferred to the Risk Labs Treasury to raise funds and secure loans from key players in the DeFi industry. Partnering with these large players allows us to accelerate our growth.

100MM ACX for Protocol Rewards

Referral program, 25MM ACX

The duration of the referral program depends on the ACX price and volume of referral transactions.

Reward locking program to incentivize LPs, 75MM ACX

The following pools will be incentivized via the following initial ACX emissions, which may change in the future:

  • ~50,000 ACX per day for Across ETH LP tokens

  • ~50,000 ACX per day for Across USDC LP tokens

  • ~5,000 ACX per day for Across DAI LP tokens

  • ~5,000 ACX per day for Across WBTC LP tokens

  • ~20,000 ACX per day for Across ACX LP tokens

535MM ACX for Across DAO Treasury Reserve

These unallocated tokens will remain in the Across DAO Treasury.

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