Relayers and liquidity providers earn fees at Across for taking on various risks included in any bridge event. Bridge users pay the "Bridge fee" to relayers and to liquidity providers when using the bridge.

Across V3 introduced a fee optimization that will further cut costs, by encouraging relayers to accept repayment on a chain other than the destination chain.

User fees are lowered by relayer competition

Relayers can tune how much finality risk they're willing to take on in order to win the most profitable deposits. We imagine that relayers will eventually specialize in which tokens and destination chains they cover, allowing them to dominate their niche of the relayer market.

You can think of the relayer competition as functioning like an auction. If the auction expires without a clearing price, then the Across system falls back to the LP capital to fulfill the deposit. This process ensures that depositors have the best chance to bridge their funds cheaply and quickly without sacrificing guaranteed execution.

In Across V3, these prices will become more competitive when RFQ front end systems are in place.

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