Migrating from V1

Please review these instructions to migrate your liquidity from v1->v2.

Remove v1 liquidity

To migrate from Across v1 to Across v2, you'll need to move your liquidity from the v1 pool to the v2 pool. This can be done by following the steps below:

Step 1: View the v1 pool

Go to v1.across.to and switch to the pool tab

Step 2: Connect wallet

In the upper right, you'll see a "Connect Wallet" button.

Click this button and connect using your wallet provider.

Step 3: Switch to the remove liquidity tab

You should switch from "Add" to "Remove" so that you can remove liquidity.

Step 4: Select the asset to remove liquidity for

Using the drop-down in the upper-middle of the screen, select the asset that you would like to remove liquidity for.

Pro tip: You will be able to see how much liquidity you have in each asset on the right side of the drop-down.

Step 5: Remove liquidity

Click "MAX" to remove all of your liquidity for that asset and confirm the transaction using your wallet.

Step 6: Wait for confirmation

Wait for the transaction to confirm and, once it has been confirmed, then your liquidity is out of the pool and back into your wallet.

Add v2 liquidity

Once your liquidity has been removed, it can be added to the v2 pool by following the instructions in Providing Liquidity

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