Interoperability Powered by Intents

Across is an interoperability protocol powered by intents. It is the only cross-chain intents protocol in production today, enabling the fastest and lowest-cost interoperability solution without security tradeoffs. Across Protocol is comprised of three products.

  1. The Across Bridge, the most capital efficient cross-chain transfer solution for end users. Across' intents-based framework has proven to facilitate the fastest and cheapest bridging between L2s and Mainnet.

  2. Across+, is a chain abstraction tool that utilizes cross-chain bridge hooks to fulfill user intents. Across+ allows developers to integrate bridge + action(s) bundles at the dapp level to promote onboarding and abstract the bridging process away from end users.

  3. Across Settlement, is a settlement layer for all cross-chain intent order flow. Its optimistic design, which defers verification, focuses on gas optimization to significantly reduce cross-chain settlement costs for protocols and, ultimately, end users.

As the multichain economy continues to evolve, intents-based settlement is the key to solving interoperability and Across is at the core of its execution.

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